dentist explaining Oral PathologyYou nearly skipped reading this article. After all, pathology doesn’t seem that interesting at first glance. The more you discover, you will see that pathology refers to diseases that affect your life and sometimes take it. The term oral pathology refers to dental specialists who find out what causes mouth-related diseases. Then, they learn ways to identify what problems exist in your mouth and finally they find out all they can to treat your dental difficulties.

These same specialists are also known as maxillofacial pathology experts. The two terms mean the same thing. You might think these experts sound like exotic scientists. They certainly are and they are your neighbors and friends.

If your body carries any diseases, you know it’s ideal to find out as soon as possible. At Lovett Dental Missouri City, we offer one of our board-certified general dentists or specialty dentists for oral pathology. They carefully examine your face, mouth, jaw, and related areas for signs of disease or illness. If found, they enlist your help to develop treatment options you want.

What Does Oral Pathology Do?

On an international level, several oral disorders are problems for many people. Regardless of geographic location, the worst dental disease is the one affecting you and those you love. Our dentists identify oral diseases or problems you might have such as:

Find Dental Specialists Who Are Experts in Oral Pathology

Typically, people don’t think of tooth decay as an oral disease. When plaque forms on your tooth’s surface, it acts like acid on your teeth. If not promptly removed, plaque dissolves your tooth enamel. If that happens, bacteria move in to have a party inside your tooth. When bacteria party, they multiply. Soon, no room remains inside your tooth to contain all the bacteria. Pressure builds inside your tooth until it pushes against the nerve. Major pain takes over at this point, usually driving you to see a dentist. Often, our general dentists discover this disease first. Later, our endodontists explore the extent of this oral illness and perform root canals when needed.

A periodontist is an expert in identifying and treating gum problems. Many folks think gum disease mainly centers around receding gums. Receding gums do create many problems if untreated. But periodontists diagnose and treat many gum-related problems.

These dental experts examine all the tissues surrounding and supporting a tooth. If not properly cleaned and maintained, gum tissues create and harbor bacteria. This creates problems that eventually lead to deep pockets separating gums from teeth. In turn, this leads to wobbly teeth that fall out.

Oral surgeons are the first experts called to fix serious dental trauma injuries. They do extractions and often are cosmetic dental specialists as well. The finest examples of an oral pathologist in Missouri City, TX residents have are at Lovett Dental Missouri City.

Specialty Services We Offer to Identify and Treat Oral Pathology

At Lovett Dental Missouri City, we offer a full range of specialist services. During any one of these special processes, your dental specialist might identify oral diseases. This benefits you get by finding problems and offering solutions. Oral health determines your body’s ability to fight all illnesses.

We offer specialty services where board-certified dental experts perform any oral treatment needed. Our specialists include the following:

  • Oral Surgeons who perform extractions
  • Periodontists who treat gum problems
  • Dental experts in sedation and dental-related anxiety
  • Orthodontists who provide braces for children and adults
  • Endodontists who treat root canals
  • Dental implant specialists
  • Specialists in cosmetic dentistry

Find out more about our dental specialties. Your oral health is too important to put off any longer. Please contact Lovett Dental Missouri City at 281.346.9597, or contact us online now for an appointment. Your mouth and body will thank you.