Losing a tooth at any age presents problems, both in your ability to chew and how you look. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, and in many cases, the most immediate resolution might be a permanent dental implant. Dental bridges give you another option that looks and feels great but doesn’t require surgery.

Crowns are the seal that restores your tooth to its original look and feels after a root canal. Crowns are designed to last for years, or, in most cases, decades, and they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Both dental crowns and bridges provide permanent solutions that restore the look and feel of your natural teeth with less intrusion than a dental implant. Let the experts at Lovett Dental Missouri City take a look at how you can benefit from either of these procedures.

Dental Crowns

When a root canal is performed, the tooth’s damaged, which means the dead internal parts must be removed first. When the canal is done, the tooth is capped with a temporary crown to serve you until the permanent one is created. Your dentist will create this permanent crown by taking impressions of your tooth during the procedure to ensure a replacement that is as close to your natural tooth as possible.Dr. explaining how the crown or bridge will be put on

Your dentist will administer an anesthetic to prevent pain and reduce discomfort during the procedure. Ultimately the entire procedure will be similar to a filling, and when your permanent crown comes in, your dentist will call you back. Once the permanent crown is affixed, it should last you for decades, and nobody will know you had any work done.

Benefits of a Dental Crown

Crowns are ideal for many different situations regarding damage to your natural teeth that do not require the total extraction of the tooth itself. For instance, a dental crown can help with:

  • Broken, fractured, or decaying teeth
  • To cap a root canal
  • Teeth with exceptionally large fillings
  • Cosmetic enhancement to teeth that don’t look the way you would like them to

If you have one of these situations with your smile, your dentist might suggest a dental crown as a solution. By repairing the tops of your teeth, a crown can improve your smile, your ability to chew, and your overall confidence. Dentists usually recommend crowns to help repair and improve the above situations.

Dental Bridges

When you’re missing a tooth, a permanent dental implant is a solution that gives you the look and feel of a sound, natural tooth. However, it is a surgical procedure, and it requires a longer visit and recuperation. Additionally, this treatment isn’t always necessary. Provided that the missing tooth is between two other structurally sound teeth, a bridge can be a non-invasive solution.

The bridge creates a link between two teeth, which hold the bridge itself in place, putting a tooth in the space between them without physically implanting it in the jaw. This completes your smile, and functionally replaces your missing tooth.

Benefit from a Dental Bridge

When you’re missing a tooth, it can affect your ability not only to chew and your smile but also the way you speak. Additionally, when you have a tooth missing, your other teeth can drift, causing further issues with your smile and chewing ability. Situations in which a dental bridge can help are:

  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Return your smile and ability to chew without implant surgery
  • Upgrading from a removal partial plate to a permanent bridge

Discover How Lovett Dental Missouri City Can Help

With a tremendous benefit to your smile and oral health without the downsides of surgery, dental crowns and bridges are a fantastic solution for missing or damaged teeth. For consultations regarding the potential benefits of dental crowns and bridges, Lovett Dental Missouri City is currently accepting new patients. Our staff has years of experience in multiple dental disciplines, including:

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