Preventative dentistry is one of the most powerful tools you have to protect your smile. Even if you brush and floss each day, you may be able to do a few more things to improve your preventative dental care. That means you could be reducing your risk of oral health complications in the years to come. Our team at Lovett Dental Missouri City in Texas can offer various solutions to help you do this. We encourage you to learn more about preventive dentistry services like this to determine if they can help you. Contact our team today at 281-969-5099 to learn more.

What Preventative Dental Care Are You Receiving?woman receives preventative dentistry services

As noted, brushing and flossing are essential when it comes to preventative dental care. Yet, you can significantly improve this by coming in for routine dental appointments. When you visit us every six months for a checkup, we can provide another layer of protection. That includes x-rays, which can tell us if there are any concerns with plaque buildup or damage to your teeth from decay. We can also provide you with general teeth cleaning to remove surface plaque that could cause damage to your teeth down the road.

What Preventative Dentistry Services Can Offer

When it comes to adding more protection to your teeth, our team may recommend the use of preventative dentistry. This is a higher level of focus on preventing the onset of damage to your teeth. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but we can look for signs of concerns or risks that may make you more prone to problems down the road. We can then use preventative dentistry services to help protect against them.

What Type of Preventative Dentistry Will You Find in Texas?

When you contact our team for an appointment, we’ll discuss the options for improving your smile with you. We take things like cavities and gum disease seriously. That is why we offer numerous preventive dentistry services to help minimize the onset of these conditions or to provide long-term improvement. Some of the preventative dentistry services we offer include the following.

Dental Sealants: We use dental sealants on children as well as adults. They are particularly useful for people who have areas of damage to their teeth from cavities or previous root canals and fillings. Sealants cover the top of the tooth, where the most significant risks are for bacteria. You don’t feel them or notice them, but they do seal out bacteria. We may recommend them to you if you are a high risk for future cavities.

Fluoride Treatments: Fluoride is a mineral your teeth need to remain strong and durable. Yet, without access to this mineral, your teeth may become vulnerable to invading bacteria. Our goal is to remove this risk by providing fluoride treatments. We may recommend this if:

  • You have a history of tooth decay.
  • You don’t have water with fluoride available to you.
  • The toothpaste you use does not contain fluoride.

Deep Cleaning: Deep teeth cleaning goes further in cleaning your teeth and your gum line. It can help remove the bacteria and plaque buildup from your teeth and minimize the future onset of periodontal disease. We may recommend it if you:

  • Have bleeding gums
  • Have inflamed, red gums
  • Experience pain or discomfort in your gums

Protect Your Teeth with Our Team at Lovett Dental Missouri City

Your teeth can be saved with routine care and preventative dental care services like those we offer. At Lovett Dental Missouri City in Texas, our preventative dentistry team is always available to answer your questions. We encourage you to set up a time to come in to discuss the preventive dentistry services we offer to find out if they are right for you. To learn more, make an appointment by calling 281-969-5099, or contact us online today.