a rendering of dental fillings and sealants missouri city txKeeping your teeth healthy is done through good oral hygiene and routine dental appointments. However, even with good habits like this, you can end up with a cavity. When that happens, you may need treatments that can repair the problem to reduce pain but also to protect your tooth and the root under it. There are various treatment and prevention options available, including dental fillings and sealants at Lovett Dental Missouri City.

Why Are Dental Fillings and Sealants Necessary?

Dental fillings are a type of material that is used to restore teeth to a healthy state and a normal shape. This is the type of treatment you may need if you have a cavity. On the other hand, sealants, sometimes called fissure sealants, are a type of protection. They help to cover and fill in the natural pits and cracks on the tooth to help prevent them from getting cavities or other damage over time.

Dental Filling Can Be Helpful When You Have a Cavity

If you have a cavity, that means that bacteria, plaque, and other debris have caused the interior portion of the tooth to breakdown. Even though teeth are very strong, the constant presence of bacteria and plaque buildup will continue without treatment. When a cavity forms, it exposes the interior of the tooth, including the root that holds the tooth in place, to bacteria. Over time, this breaks down the structure of the tooth, leading to the potential loss of it.

Our dental fillings and sealants can help to fix this problem. First, your dentist will clean out all infections and bacteria from within the cavity area. They will then use dental fillings to fill in the opening to create a natural shape again. Often, this helps to stop the pain from the toothache as well. Often, dentists will want to be proactive by using dental sealants as a way to safeguard these higher-risk areas to ensure that the tooth remains healthy. Sealants are highly effective at doing so.

What Can You Expect from This Treatment?

When you need dental fillings and sealants, our team at Lovett Dental Missouri City can help you. Our team will talk to you about all of your dental health needs when you come in for your routine teeth cleaning. With routine care like this, you may see a significant reduction in cavity risk.

We may then recommend care for you, including:

  • Fluoride dental treatments to help control bacteria growth
  • Tooth extractions if the damage to a tooth is significant
  • Root canals, a way of cleaning out the infection and cavity opening
  • Fillings and sealants as treatment
  • Dental crowns and bridges for missing teeth

Many people worry about this type of treatment. You do not have to. We even offer sedation dentistry services for those who have significant anxiety about dental health.

We also recommend talking to our team about dental fillings and sealants for your children. As a common component of pediatric dentistry, this can be a good way to treat or prevent the damage caused by cavities. Our team is happy to offer a comprehensive consultation after a dental exam to determine what types of treatment may be right for your child to protect his or her teeth from decay. Do not put off this care.

Get the Dental Services You Need at Lovett Dental Missouri City

When you need dental fillings and sealants, allow our team to work closely with you. At Lovett Dental Missouri City, we provide comprehensive help for our patients, including through general dentistry and cosmetic dentist. Let us improve your smile. Call us today at 281-969-5099 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.