There are some situations where it becomes essential to maintain your oral health by removing teeth that cannot be fixed. Tooth extraction can seem like a scary procedure and will impact your smile for some time. At Lovett Dental Missouri City, we offer a range of solutions to remove these teeth with ease. When it comes to tooth removal, our team can provide you with fast service and relief.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?woman receives a tooth extraction

Our goal is to do what we can to avoid tooth extraction. We want to ensure your teeth remain healthy and strong, and when possible, we will try to keep your natural teeth in place. There are some situations where tooth removal is necessary and cannot be avoided. This may include situations such as:

  • Cracked teeth that cannot be treated
  • Significantly decay develops
  • Accidental injury or trauma to the teeth
  • Overcrowding of the teeth
  • Tooth impaction

When this happens, it becomes critical that we do what we can to remove those teeth, not to cause additional damage to the surrounding teeth.

How Does Tooth Extraction Happen?

When you come in to visit our team, we will talk to you about teeth extractions and the process of tooth removal that’s right for your situation. Generally, this procedure is done in one of two ways:

  • Simple extractions: In this situation, your dentist may be able to pull the tooth out during the initial exam. This may happen if the entire tooth is exposed, and it can be easily done without any risk to the surrounding teeth.
  • Complicated extractions: Surgical procedures may be necessary when the tooth is broken into many pieces or is hidden under the gums. In situations where there is an infection or other damage to the tissues, this also becomes necessary.

What to Expect During Tooth Removal

If you need teeth extractions, our team will provide you with the best possible care available. That includes gathering information through x-rays and a full exam. We will then tell you about the right type of tooth extraction for your needs.

In simple extractions, it is possible to use a local anesthetic for the process. Our dentists can do that during your appointment in many cases. In complicated extractions, it may be necessary to use general anesthesia to help you through the process. Our team will ensure you do not feel pain or discomfort during this process.

You’ll likely need time to heal after the procedure. Most often, stitches are used that do not require removal, but you may need to follow up on care to improve your oral health after tooth removal. Our team will ensure you know what to do to ensure the best possible outcome.

Improving Your Oral Health After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction procedures are often followed up by additional care from our team. If you have any underlying problems that require care, our dental team will offer recommendations for services you may need. This may help to improve your oral health to minimize the risk of additional loss of teeth or to help you restore that missing tooth with a new one. We can do this through procedures and care, such as:

Be sure to ask us about the care we can offer. You can restore that smile and love the way it looks in no time.

Invest in Your Oral Health with Professional Tooth Extraction

When it comes to tooth removal, you want the best working to improve your smile and oral health. For teeth extractions, visit Lovett Dental Missouri City. We encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about tooth extraction. Call 281-969-5099, or contact us online for help.