Do you struggle to come in for dental appointments because you’re nervous about what may happen? Are you fearful of discomfort during a procedure? If so, our sedation dentist at Lovett Dental Missouri City can help you. With a comprehensive set of sedation solutions, we can find the right level of help for your individual needs. Put your fear aside and take care of your teeth.

What Can a Sedation Dentist Do for You?a Houston Sedation Dentist helping a patient overcome their fear

If you are in need of a sedation dentist, you can depend on our team. We provide sedation to those patients dealing with significant pain, high levels of anxiety, or complex or long procedures. You may benefit from our sedation options if you:

  • Suffer from dental anxiety
  • Have a low pain tolerance level
  • Have a long or complex procedure ahead
  • Tend to gag easily
  • Have trouble sitting still for a long period of time

Your oral health is very important. To protect it, you need to come in for dental appointments on a routine basis. If you are scared or just overwhelmed at the thought of scheduling a dental appointment, our sedation services can help you. We offer several different methods of sedation to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

When Can Sedation Be Helpful?

Every time you come in to see our dentist, we will provide you with a safe, comfortable location for care. However, even in these situations, you may feel uneasy. If so, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our dental sedation options. We may recommend sedation for some types of procedures, too. This includes:

In each one of these situations, you may need a bit more support to reduce discomfort, ease worry, and manage pain. If you are coming in for another procedure but have concerns about anxiety, please let us know in advance.

What Type of Sedation Is Provided?

Our Houston sedation dentist can offer a range of sedation options depending on what is appropriate and safe for your oral health needs. Most of the time, we can use nitrous oxide, which is also called laughing gas, to help put you at ease. This helps to reduce most of the discomfort you may feel. It is administered through inhalation.

If you know you struggle with dental anxiety, you may want to talk to us about oral sedation. This is a pill you’ll take before arriving for your procedure. It is ideal for those situations where you are worried about coming in. A third option is IV sedation. If you are having a more complex procedure or it will be a bit longer, we may recommend this option for you.

In specialty oral surgical procedures, we do provide general anesthesia when it is appropriate. You can depend on your Houston sedation dentist to properly manage this process with your safety top of mind.

Schedule an Appointment at Lovett Dental Missouri City Today

With our Houston sedation dentist available to see you and provide you with an easier way to get through your appointment, there’s no time like right now to make an appointment. In addition to sedation services, we also offer:

It is important to protect your teeth. That may require you to have to get some uncomfortable work done. Sedation can help keep you calm while you get work done. Learn more about the services we offer when you call Lovett Dental Missouri City at 281-969-5099 or contact us online. We’re happy to help you.